Closing Instructions

FOURTEEN DAYS PRIOR TO CLOSING: You will receive the FELBA Escrow Agreement, Payment Schedule, and W-9.


The documents below (1-3) must be complete and emailed to FELBA c/o Matt Klejka at

  1. FELBA Escrow Agreement - Fully complete and signed.
  2. W-9 - Fully complete and signed in order to comply with the Patriot Act Requirements.
  3. Registered Articles of Incorporation.

Once received, FELBA will review, execute, and forward to BB&T for final execution. BB&T must receive the correctly executed copies at least five days prior to closing. NOTE: The address on the W-9 must match the address given for the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). 

BB&T will then execute the escrow agreement, fill in the account number and send it to the closing attorney, along with wiring instructions. There will be two wires. The first wire will be for the escrowed funds pursuant to the escrow agreement. The second wire covers the FELBA fee.

Contact Information:

FELBA - Matt Klejka                                                 BB&T - Maura Pope                           

Email-                                       Email-

Phone- 404.477.3100